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by Aira Pathak

~The following categories are the overall topics you will find this blog covers~


Planning is essential to make our lives efficient and in this category, you will find different ways that you might like to use or ways to make your planning system more effective.

What's coming is better than what is gon

We all need a little inspiration and motivation sometimes and this category is completely filled with just things that spread positivity.


This section is a place to read some of my reviews on the latest books I have read, it may not be as frequently updated as others though!


Here you will find a variety of things based around artistic creativity. Such as a guide to hand-lettering, different kinds of fonts to use (digitally & by hand) and how to have aesthetic school notes.

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In the library topic, you will find hand-drawn backgrounds, stickers and more free bits and pieces. I hand-draw everything in this section as well!


Having an environment you really love is essential. In this category, you will discover ways to make your abode more comfortable to you. (I personally love this!)

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