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50+ things to do in lockdown!

Hey! In today's post, I am going to list over 50 things that you can do to keep yourself busy in lockdown. Check out my board on Pinterest where I have saved inspiration for each of these ideas on what you can do - click here. Btw my Pinterest is @onebumblebeepinterest. I have divided the list into five sections; creative, learning, productive, random and relaxing.

Creative - things to do that will get your creative juices flowing!

(find inspiration for every single one of these in my Pinterest board here)

  1. Driveway chalk drawings

  2. Painting - even beginner things!

  3. Digital art- Photoshop, Procreate, Canva

  4. Photo editing

  5. Sewing

  6. Write a narrative piece

  7. Write a letter to someone, make it super pretty

  8. Start a journal - art, bullet journal, gratitude etc.

  9. Write a haiku

  10. Write a journal entry as if you are living your dream life (this is a form of manifestation!)

  11. Make a photo album

  12. Decorate your room/house

  13. Cook a new dish

  14. Make a poster for an important cause

  15. Make a vision board

  16. Make your own escape room

  17. Make a scrapbook

Learning - learn something new and interesting!

  1. Learn a new language

  2. Take an online class/course

  3. Learn how to cook something new

  4. Learn to play a new instrument or practice one you already play

  5. Read a non-fiction book

  6. Watch a David Attenborough documentary

  7. Learn how to use a new software like photoshop or video editor

  8. Research something that interests you

  9. Learn different techniques on how to fold clothes

  10. Write an essay about something you are passionate about - even random things like 'Why Harry Potter is the best movie series'

Productive - things that make you feel like you got so much done!

  1. Unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters/emails

  2. Go through your clothes and donate unwanted clothing

  3. Declutter your drawers

  4. Go through your photos app

  5. Go through your laptop files

  6. Delete old apps on your phone that you do not use

  7. Go through emails

  8. Excercise

  9. Re-arrange your room

  10. Start a blog about absolutely anything

Relaxing - for yourself.

  1. Have a bubble bath

  2. Binge-watch your favourite show or movies

  3. Meditate

  4. Make a smoothie

  5. Make your favourite food for yourself

  6. Read for enjoyment

  7. Have a picnic in your backyard

  8. Go on a walk (follow the rules about COVID-19, in your area!)

  9. Blast your favourite playlists

  10. Online shopping

  11. Scroll through Pinterest and visualize yourself in all the aesthetic photos (another form of manifestation!)

  12. Paint your nails

Random - things that don't fit in any category

  1. Play video games

  2. Watch funny videos

  3. Pull pranks

Remember to check out my Pinterest board for even more inspiration here!

Thank you so much for reading to the end of this post! I hope you enjoyed it!! If you have any questions or queries you can contact me here.

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Swara Yawale
Swara Yawale
Jan 22, 2023

you can add- 'writing your own novel' most affective writers can will find the way to spark their interest

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