Different ways to take your school notes

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

You may have heard how people take gorgeous aesthetic school notes, although I am all for taking aesthetic notes and honestly love putting effort into making my notes look pretty and all but that is not the goal of taking notes! Obviously you go to school to learn and taking notes is a way of "re-learning" what was being taught. Having a proper way of taking notes is extremely important to help you retain the information you need. So this post will help you find the perfect method for yourself!

1. Paper method/in notebooks

This method is probably the most used because it is the most simple and easy to wrap your head around. Having a specific method of writing your notes is crucial to getting the most out of the information you are learning. Working on paper also comes with the positive of being able to have beautiful and aesthetic looking notes. This brings me to the second point you could still have pretty notes by using this method:

2. Ipad notes - writing on the ipad

Digital note-taking has become very popular within the creative community. Ipads and tablets now come with amazing ways to write on the screen using a stylus or apple pencil. I personally also love this method because of the freedom to erase or redo anything with ease. As I still only go to high school where you are not allowed to bring your own devices, the school gives you everything I tend to only use the digital notes method for self studying.

Here are some of my own digital notes!

3. Typing up your notes

Typing on a laptop is sometimes the most comfortable way for people to quickly and thoroughly learn information. Typing on a laptop doesn't always give you the same amount of freedom of making your notes aesthetic and pretty when typing onto a document. I am sure there are many specific softwares with which you can easily take notes and also make them look gorgeous!

Here is one of my word documents and I tried to make it look pretty!

Thank you for reading this post everyone! It is not as long as usual but I hope it is still useful to you!

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