Easy tips on how to instantly make your notes look more aesthetic

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Hey, bumblebees! This post is full of simple ways that you can use to make your school notes look even more amazing and you can use them instantly!

1. Keep it simple

Keeping your notes simple will benefit you in two ways; first, having only the information you actually need in your notes, will benefit you when you come back to them for reference when studying or revising. Second, it will make your notes look soo much prettier because it will be minimal and clean. This doesn't mean don't put the information you need to write or you don't add fancy fonts and pretty colours for your own enjoyment, it means you don't go overboard with it :)

In these examples, you can see that the layout and visual is simple and I assume they have only put down what they needed because their notes don't look like continuous paragraphs.

2. Have a theme

Having a theme in your notes makes the entire page look a hundred times more cohesive. The theme does not have to run through the entire subject or notebook but in just one page of your notes, I often do a colour theme. I also do image themes like the entire page has small accents of clouds throughout it or small accents of flowers throughout the page. Image/drawing themes are based around more artistic things like bullet journaling, you will often find each month has a theme whether it be space to a certain fruit! I will definitely be doing more bullet journal based posts as well!!

3. The visual look is not that important!

This may come as a surprise to you (just kidding) but the information you are putting down is ten times more important than how aesthetic your notes are :) Even though I love making my notes as pretty as I can, I recently realised even if my notes don't look amazing if I have properly learnt the information, the purpose if my notes have succeeded.

4. Write it messy and then make it pretty

A good tactic to making your notes unbelievably aesthetic is to write them messy when you are at school so you can literally scribble everything down but make sure you can read it, because afterwards when you have time you can re-write them!

Essentially, you are taking down all the notes you need whilst in class and then once you have the time, you write them with more effort and make it look pretty! Many people enjoy this method because you can refine and re-learn the information taught when you are writing it down again. This method is quite time-consuming though so it is not very practical for me personally.

5. You do not need expensive equipment

Having amazing stationery is not necessary to have pretty and useful notes! You can sit there with a pen, coloured pencil and marker and still have the best-looking notes in the class! :)

I love having thousands of pens and textas at hand all the time and I am sure all of my friends would agree with that :) Some markers and specific stationery items tend to get a little pricey and there are loads of cheaper alternatives that would possibly even work better than the over-priced ones!!

One of my favourite tricks is that you can still do perfect calligraphy and brush lettering with a simple Crayola super-tip, you can purchase these for $25 AUD for a pack of 50 assorted colours!

Check out Crayola super-tips on Amazon here

Thank you so much for reading through this post! I hope you enjoyed it and get excited about much more creativity filled posts!

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