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Updated: Jul 19, 2020

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This post is full of amazing hand-made bit's and bobs, made by me!

Enjoy these handmade knickknacks:

  • one laptop wallpaper

  • one folder icon

  • one sticker sheet (consisting of 6 stickers)

  • mystery surprise if you finish the whole post! :)

Click on the images and you will be directed to a new link, scroll down and then download your desired image!

1. Laptop wallpaper

This wallpaper fits on any laptop screen and could even be used for an Ipad or tablet. It has been hand-drawn by Aira (me!).

2. Folder Icon

Read the post on how to insert your folder icons onto your macbook.

3. Floral Sticker Sheet

You may have noticed one of these stickers is also available as the folder icon above!

Learn how to make stickers from these sticker sheets here.

Thank you so much for making it all the way to the bottom of this post!

Here is a little surprise treat to congratulate you on finishing this post, drumroll please!!!

You have received another folder icon!!

Follow the same steps given for inserting the rose icon for this gorgeous daisy icon, this flower also matches the wallpaper provided in this post. So, you can have beautiful matching folders and wallpapers!

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