Hope through Isolation...

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Hey bumblebees! This is a small poem I wrote through Isolation. I hope it inspires you and gives you an insight into the story throughout these weird times.


We are stuck at home no place to go, no place to see

We miss our friends and our family

We feel lonely and isolated but are trying to stay safe

All we have is our family and our bored face

We are struggling to source systems to suspend our boredom

As our minds keep running, thoughts very random

Although everyone is helping us out

So we don’t fallout

We exercise, communicate, optimize the situation

And can only dream of our dream destination

Together we cope, together we hope

We are like prisoners in our own home

Behind bars pleading for interaction

The sun shines through our windows begging us to come play

But we won’t budge, we ignore it, we just sit and decay

Slowly restrictions lift and our hearts lift with it

And everyone wishes to leave their cage-

People with masks, gloves and great distance

Don’t want to see us, don’t want to touch us

Together we cope, together we hope

Then the day comes no one is hit by this deadly bug

Our minds race; excited about what happens next

We start to realise the soft scent of green grass and the sunny space

BOOM! It hits us it has been here all along waiting for us to play

Our lives start to return to reality, and we come back better than before

We realise the comfort of a loud bustling road or a chattering classroom

Gratefulness blankets us as we feel full of happiness

What a rollercoaster we think, may it never happen again!

Together we cope, together we hope

By Aira Pathak

I hope you enjoyed that poem and even though some of us are not in isolation anymore we lots of people still are! If you have any queries, questions or suggestions feel free to contact me on the contact me page here.

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