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Updated: Mar 13

Hey bumblebees! In today's post, I will be explaining and introducing you to the methods I will be using to stay organized and productive in 2021! There are three different aspects that I will be focusing on, school, business and personal. I have different systems for each element and keeping them separate is the key to a productive lifestyle.


School Planner

My school provides us with a planner that already has all school events and school tasks inside it and then it has space for us to write our homework and events for each day as well. I take my school planner to school every day and come home and refine my tasks for the day into my regular planner. My school planner is where I keep track of all my homework tasks, but they might not all be due asap, so I refine that in my normal planner.

Normal Planner

My normal planner is used for every aspect of my life and school. I use it to write what homework tasks I need to complete on that specific day. I also plan out when I might want to study or revise topics in my normal planner.


My journal is just a place for me to brain dump any ideas or tasks sitting in my brain; I can clear my head and then sort and jobs or events into my planners. My journal is also where I will keep track of more significant assignments as I will have more space to write down my ideas and ensure I am on track.


Notion is a website/app where you can keep track of absolutely everything and stay organized! So I am using Notion to organize my class information, notes and resources, so they are easy to access.

~Business + Life~

Normal Planner

I will be using my normal planner too, of course, make sure I check off all mt tasks and write down upcoming events. However, I will also be using my normal planner to keep track of my habits and look back on how productive I have been at certain times.


My journal is a brain dump space where I can be messy or neat, creative or plain, basically, do whatever I want! I would often use this to make journal entries, be creative and most importantly, brain dump whatever is on my mind, which is usually tasks and things I have to do that I have forgotten!


As I said before, I will be storing any details and information in Notion and using it to be productive and stay on track! For business purposes, I use Notion to be the place where I can plan out every single part of any project, such as a blog post; this makes the writing process much more straightforward and enjoyable. Also, jot down any ideas I might have in Notion, so if I have any thoughts expanding on it, I can keep them all in one place!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading all. the way! :)) Also, if you have any questions or queries, contact me here! Make sure you are subscribed to find out a new surprise I am working on!

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