How to make actual stickers out of the sticker sheets

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Hey bumblebees! In every library post you receive at least one sticker sheet that includes a variety of different stickers based around a certain theme but the sticker sheet is provided as an image so creating actual stickers requires some effort :)

There are two methods to create physical stickers.

1. Printing straight onto adhesive paper

This option requires some materials that everyone may not have:

~ Adhesive sticker paper

~ Colour Printer

~ Craft knife (also known as an exacto knife)

If you have all of this equipment you could definitely create the perfect stickers!

Here are links to buy all of this equipment, all from the same shop Officeworks. The links will take you to a page of options and depending on which one suits you pick that one:

Adhesive Sticker Paper (this link takes you to the only option there is): Click here

Colour Printer: Click here

Craft Knife: Click here

Steps to making stickers using this method:

  1. Print sheet that I have provided onto the adhesive paper, remember to print in colour. To print the sheet save the image and print it.

  2. Collect the sticker sheet and with your craft knife lightly cut around the stickers. NOTE: DO NOT PRESS TO HARD WHEN CUTTING BECAUSE YOU ONLY WANT TO CUT THE TOP LAYER OF THE ADHESIVE PAPER!

  3. The bottom layer of the sticker paper should still be a full so that you can can easily peel of the sticker from the base layer whenever you want to use the stickers. Like a normal sticker sheet :)))

2. DIY Stickers

For this option you will need:

~ Scissors

~ Baking Paper

~ Clear Tape (the wider the better!)

~ Colour Printer

Steps to making stickers using this method:

  1. Print out the sticker sheet onto normal A4 paper

  2. Neatly cut out the stickers and lay them onto a sheet of baking paper

  3. Using the clear tape (remember, the wider the tape is the better) tape over the sticker, so basically tape them to the baking paper.

  4. Cut around the stickers now, after cutting you should have small cut-outs with tape on the front and baking paper on the back. NOTE: LEAVE AT LEAST HALF A CENTIMETRE BORDER OF TAPE AWAY FROM THE ORIGINAL PAPER BORDER!

  5. Now you can either leave the baking paper on the sticker to protect it, the baking paper now acts as the backing of the sticker or you can carefully peel off the baking paper form the sticker and use the sticker immediately.

Thank you so much for making it all the way down here!!

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