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organizational systems to try!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Hey! 2021 has just begun - and of course, it is time to start planning for this year. I love the new year feel of having a new beginning and being able to start fresh! Starting organizing and planning for it only lets you hold that feeling longer! This post will introduce you to some fantastic organization systems you NEED to try for the upcoming year. Also, I recommend to try them out asap so that you can find out what method works for you before we get back into work mode!


Bullet journal

I have talked about a bullet journal multiple times before, and it is because it is one of the best ways to organize and plan! The best part about a bullet journal is that you can customize it to whatever you like, its like a planner you design for yourself. As a bullet journal is highly customizable, you can add things like journaling, scrapbooking and writing all into the one notebook, the options are endless! Also, a bullet journal is an affordable option because all you need is a notebook and pen!


~ a great creative outlet

~ highly customizable

~ affordable option


~ time-consuming

~ hard to commit to it

~ less structure

Here are some links to my posts on bullet journaling:

(simply click on one that interests you!)



I am sure everyone has heard of a planner, it is probably one of the most common organising methods. I use a planner myself because I like the consistent structure it gives, and also it is super quick and straightforward to plan and organise! I also have the luxury of receiving a school planner in this planner, I write down ALL the homework tasks I receive and then transfer the tasks to complete each day into my planner!

This is the planner I am using this year! It is from The Iconic, unfortunately they do not sell it anymore, you can purchase some great one from kikki k, typo, office works an amazon!


~ easy to use

~ effective

~ affordable options

~ variety of designs


~ restricting



If you have not heard of notion, you NEED to check it out because it is an online tool to store and organise every detail and tiny aspect of your life! I use notion a lot, to plan everything from each blog post to large school assignments. There are so many ways you can organise on notion like creating databases and workspaces for different things. It is impossible to talk about notion in one paragraph, so I highly recommend searching it up on youtube to gather some inspo and info!


~ VERY customisable

~ very organised

~ it keeps you on track, and you always know where everything is by its database quality


~ challenging to use at the start

~ a little confusing


Thank you soooo much for reading this post! If you have any post suggestions make sure you comment them or contact me here!

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