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✨special christmas gifts anyone can give

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Hey! Today's post is all about the season of giving! I am going to show you three amazing gifts you can easily make for an extra special present. These are presents I have created and gifted before and they were greatly appreciated so I am sure they will be for you too!


~Personalised Clothing~

These hoodies are actually a gift to my friends, I have made matching hoodies with our initials on the front and a cute design on the back. These were super easy to make and are still a special present with aesthetic and quality. Here are the steps to make your own:

  1. Purchase plain hoodies or any apparel, decorative iron-on patches and letter iron-on patches.

  2. Iron on all the patches, placed wherever you like. Keep in mind how u will be wearing it and the placement of your patches, for example; if you are going to roll up the sleeves, don't put patches in the sleeves.

  3. Once everything is ironed on, think about how you want to present or gift it. In a box, in a bag, wrapped up etc.

  4. Onto my favourite part, write a nice card or letter to the person who is receiving it and pack it up. I used Christmas tissue paper and twine with a cute swing tag on the outside. Inside I put a letter and of course the hoodie. A letter will make the gift seem extra special and tailored to the person receiving it.

My friends loved receiving this gift and I am sure the lucky person you are giving it to will as well!


~Log key hanging~

This present may look hard to make but it is really fun and an extremely functional gift. Essentially it is a decor piece that you use to hang keys!

These are the step to make your own:

You will need:

  • a stick about the diameter of an average drink bottle

  • mug hooks

  • saw

  • varnish (optional)


  1. Search for a nice size log, it should be an extremely small log and a very big stick!

  2. Cut the stick using the saw into whatever size you like. You can make it really long or average size.

  3. Varnish the log if you like!

  4. This is the tricky part, evenly place the mug hooks across the log and press them into the log. It may be a little tough and you might need to ask for help from another person to securely press them into the stick.

  5. Pack it up nicely and you are done!


~Personalised Baubles~

These baubles are so fun to make and such a cute and easy present to make and give! You can write someone's name on them or literally anything you like!

Method 1:

You will need:

  • plain bauble

  • metallic marker


  1. You literally just write on the bauble! It is that simple!

Method 2:

You will need:

- plain bauble

- clear glue

- glitter

- paintbrush


  1. Apply the glue, using the paintbrush on - creating whatever you want. Basically, you just use the glue to write something on the bauble.

  2. Shake glitter onto the bauble, wait a couple second to let the glitter sink into the glue.

  3. Shake off the excess glitter, revealing the beautiful lettering!


I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you now have some inspiration and ideas on some gift ideas. If you have any comments or queries contact me here. Some upcoming posts are, 2021 planning, journaling and planning and MORE Christmas!

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