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The environment!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Hey! This post is about how we should take care of the environment, it is a text written by me! I hope it inspires you to consider the environment in every action you take!


We love our family; we love our home. We love our friends, we love elders but we need to learn how to love our biggest responsibility, the environment. Correction: the natural environment. We should not be seeking domination of our environment we should be instead sustaining it. We should preserve and provide the best for our environment.

When we care for the environment willingly we are often referred to as stewards: A steward cares for our environment and natural surroundings. A steward is a person who acknowledges the environment's needs. Dominion is a word that indicates the fact that we have been handed over the responsibility of caring for the environment.

Imagine coming home from school and seeing your house knocked down, torn to pieces. It is a devastating thought, isn’t it? This is almost exactly what the poor animals feel like every time their trees are cut down due to deforestation! Industrialisation and farming are two of the biggest reasons for deforestation. People cut down thousands of trees to make space for things that will only give them economic gain or advantages. Deforestation affects the entire circle of our natural environment. When the trees are cut down in mass amounts an extremely devastating amount of animals lose their homes and habitats, many of those animals result in dying without a home or through the savage actions of the people who are chopping down the trees. If this terrible feat occurs to often some animals could end in extinction! Another way deforestation is negatively impacting our environment is that our trees are a vital asset to our natural society. Trees take in the Carbon Dioxide that we don’t need and they release Oxygen to help us breathe and have fresh surroundings. Deforestation is damaging our earth and people are taking domination over the lands, ruining the forests for financial gain is selfish and greedy and we should be making a change to benefit only the natural environment.

But don’t worry there is always are ways to fix this problem! One way you can make an effect on the world is that you tell as many people as you can about the issue and suggest ways they can make a difference. Ok, let me paint you a picture. You are talking to your mums, friends, sisters, dogs, cousins, grandma and you tell her: “deforestation is ruining the planet and we need everyone to help us make a difference!” and she asks “sure I will, but how can I do that ?” you're stumped on that question! But don’t worry I have got your back, simple ways an individual can make a difference is to support charities and businesses that help out the forests in desperate need of money. Or you could go paperless to save trees from being cut down for this reason and a big one, do not use Palm oil or palm oil products because the oil comes from trees that are being cut down just to produce this high demand product that can be easily replaced, just we don’t want to change that.

We have all done it when we go to the bins and we accidentally throw our paper in the waste bin. I am sure we have never done it purpose though, it was an accident wasn’t it?

We all have been taught and told how to correctly care for the environment but our actions define whether we do the right thing or not. Knowing what actions are right and wrong towards the environment is referred to as environmental ethics. It is our responsibility to consider our actions in our every-day lives and before we do something first think “am I going to negatively impact the environment”. Our behaviour towards the environment and how we treat it from the water we drink to the amount of energy and power we use in a single day affects the environment, knowing and considering this thought is what environmental ethics is all about.

We should treat the environment with care and consideration. We are encouraged to do this every day and every time we do it we are showing stewardship and selflessness. So, next time you throw something out check what bin you are throwing it into, next time you pick up a product check the label and avoid it if it has palm oil and next time you see someone doing the wrong thing explain how their actions just made a terrible impact on our environment.


I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it is full of information but I hope it still inspires you!

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