What are the different resources used for planning?

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Hey bumblebees! Planning is the perfect way to keeping your life as organised as possible but there are so many different systems that you could use. So, this post will go through the most common ways of planning and break down the basics of each!

1. Planners

At almost any stationary store you would find a boring planner with generic calendars and plain time slot weekly spreads. These planners are not useful if you have big things to plan and want a variety of additions to make your planning experience as efficient as possible!

There are lots of planner shops that have completely customisable options for example, if you would like a vertical or horizontal layout and if you need an academic planner or a life planner. Here are some of the planner brands:

There are many more alternatives to these as some of these options are a little on the expensive side.

My own planner is from Erin Condren, I have the academic planner as I am a student and there are lots of parts of this planner that are extremely suitable for students like the planning assignments and exams pages and monthly views. Erin Condren also has personalisation options my planner has my name on it! I will do another post entirely on my own planning systems so subscribe to stay tuned for that!

2. Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling is not a very popular planning method but personally I really love Bullet Journaling. Just in case you do not know what bullet journaling is, it is a planning method that you make from scratch and you personalise every bit of it. It is traditionally made in a dotted notebook but it really doesn't make a difference! If you would like to learn more about the world of bullet journal I recommend checking out AmandaRachLee on youtube! (Click on the name!) It really makes me sad how unpopular bullet journaling is in the common community as it is truly the most productive and creative thing you can do!

I personally do not plan my days using a bullet journal as I find it is hard for me to find time to create beautiful spreads (because I am a perfectionist!). Although I really love creating bullet journal spreads in my free time so I will add lots of bullet journal idea posts for everyone!

Here is some inspiration!

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is used by many people and is a super simple and easy to plan efficiently with. If you do not already know what Google Calendar is, it is a google made extension that allows you to plan using the time-blocking method or setting important events for each day.

This what Google Calendar looks like when fully in use!

(Sorry, I had to blur out some personal info!)

This photo only has one day filled out because I only use Google Calendar when I have to be SUPER productive and chose to organise my day by tasks but people who tend to have extremely busy days like to do this daily so that you can maximise your time!

4. Undated planners

Undated planners are about as simplistic as you can get! They are perfect for anyone who doesn't need to plan in a planner very frequently. Even though I just said undated planners tend to be very minimal, they don't have to be! Shops like Erin Condren, Plum Paper and Passion Planners all have undated options that are full of effective add-ons like budget planning, assignment planning, project planning and much, much more!

The main difference between a dated planner and an un-dated planner is of course, that undated planners do not have printed dates on them and instead give you the option to write the dates in. They give you the freedom to use the planner whenever you need it or plan for things that may only happen for a week, once a month.

5. Digital Planning

Digital planning is absolutely perfect for anyone who prefers technology to actual paper. It can be on a laptop whilst using a planner download and typing into it, although this can be very handy to people who do everything on their laptops if I personally had to digitally plan I would choose to do it on my Ipad. This is because I really love using my apple pencil (stylus) to write and draw which is also why I make things for you guys to use like hand-drawn wallpapers, stickers and folder icons, make sure you check them out in the library category!

There are many different planner template downloads you can find online or buy from Etsy and other shops! Finding the right template for you is just as important as finding the right planner for you, of course if you can not find the perfect template you could get creative and design your own!

If you would be interested in using a planner that I have designed and created could I please ask you to complete this small form of only 3 questions :)


Thank you so much for reading till the end of this post, if you have any questions or post suggestions please tell me by contacting me!

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