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declutter your digital space.

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Hey! I am SO excited for 2021 and I am sure I am not the only one who wants to go into it on the right foot. So to do that I am going to be cleaning, decluttering, resetting and evaluating absolutely everything to make sure 2021 feels like a fresh start. Our devices and digital space are very frequently accessed and it is kind of like our rooms where it can slowly get messier and messier until you lose all use of it! So in today's post, I am going to walk you through the steps of clearing your digital space.


Go through all applications

There are probably many apps that you downloaded and never use now. So, take some time to look through all your devices and delete any apps you definitely do not need anymore!

What you can also do is look through the apps you do use and see if they need to organized like deleting old artworks on procreate or sorting your notes on good notes.


Delete files and photos

This one might be a tough one for some people like me who have thousands of photos on their phone and hundreds of files on the laptop. So make sure you look carefully at what you are deleting and finish off with a clean slate for the new year. This act will free up lots of space and it will take a weight off your shoulds... trust me.

Areas you may need to look through:

  • desktop

  • downloads

  • documents

  • photo library

  • camera roll

  • onedrive

  • google drive

  • dropbox

  • hard drives

  • etc


Clear your inbox to empty and organise your emails.

I was never someone to worry about my emails and inbox but when I did empty it or sort the emails into their folders I felt much better and more organized. Your goal should be to sustain an empty inbox so you should reply to an email or put into a folder for reference as soon as possible.


Turn off notification for apps

There are probably some apps that keep sending you unnecessary notifications and alerts so go through all your apps on settings and turn them off! Even turn off any social media app alerts to stop yourself from distractions and lower your screen time.


Delete contacts you will never use and old messages.

There may be some contacts on your phone who you know you will never talk to as well as deleting old message chats that you do not need to access anymore. Believe it or not, old chats are stored and backed up on your phone so something that you will never access any more is just a waste of space!


Go through your browser bookmarks

We use Google and search tools every day and the internet is like a second language

to us. So take some time to look through your favourites and ook marks on your most visited search engines and clear up and delete things you don't need to access anymore. You could also organise your bookmarks bar to look super aesthetic and organised. This is mine!


Install and update any pending

I am sure that we have all seen an update notification but skipped it because we have been too lazy, well... now it the time to "get-up-to date" on all pending updates and installations!


Thanks for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it and you now have a good plan on how to declutter your digital surroundings! Make sure you check out my other posts and contact me here for any questions and queries!

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