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🌷how to set and achieve your goals.

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Hey! Goals. What do you think of this word?? Dreams. Accomplishment. Happiness. Expectations. Hard. All of these words will come to your mind, the good and the bad. Achieving a goal is the best feeling and keep on reading to find out how to accomplish your goals - unlimited!


What is a goal I can make?

You can make long-term or short-term goals all of which you can plan and achieve if you try!

  • Long Term - a goal that will be accomplished over a long period of time. e.g start a business

  • Short Term - a goal you can achieve within a day to a month time period and it may not require too much planning and thought. e.g drinking 4L water every day of the month.

  • Task Goals - a goal that is almost like a task but you may classify it as a goal


Planning for success

  1. Create steps on what you should do to achieve it.

  2. Under every step add a due date. This acts as a deadline to stop you from procrastinating

  3. Check off every step once it is done.


  • Put your goals into your calendar and time block it out so that there is no excuse not to do it

  • Create your plan of action beforehand and when the time is right to achieve it. Just start.


Intertwine them in your daily life

Even if you just write it on a sticky note and stick it to your wall or you put it on your home screen wallpaper on your phone. Remind yourself daily of what you want to do so that you can attract your positive vibes and immediately know when it is the time to achieve your goal.


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