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✨50+ christmas gift ideas to give to and ask for

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Hey! Today's post is covering things that you may want to ask for or things you may want to give to someone. By no means whatsoever is Christmas about getting presents, it is about giving to those who need it most and acknowledging the important people around you. Although, presents are a fun aspect to it that if you do participate in I have some ideas for you!



  • photo wall

  • led lights

  • neon sign

  • throw pillows and blankets

  • skylite (the light that makes your room look like a galaxy)

  • rug

  • trinket dish

  • jewellery box

  • vines

  • projector and screen

  • plush toy

  • furniture


Random but necessary

  • casetify case

  • wildflower case

  • pencil case

  • drink bottle, e.g. hydroflask

  • airpods case

  • real plant

  • cute mug or straw cup

  • planner

  • diary/journal

  • art supplies (if they are into that)

  • stationery

  • books

  • at home nail kit



  • new phone

  • airpods

  • laptop

  • designer bag

  • designer perfume

  • new instrument (if they want one, have been asking for one)

  • ipad/tablet

  • good quality jewellery - tiffany and co, pandora etc.

  • a.... puppy


Clothes + skincare

  • lulu lemon leggings

  • brandy melville

  • glossier products

  • skincare fridge

  • go-to hoodie

  • good quality coat

  • nike air forces

  • custom nike air forces

  • clothing for things like dance, sport, etc.

  • sweatpants


Gift cards/subscriptions

  • disney+ subscription

  • netflix subscription

  • youtube premium subscription

  • spotify subscription

  • any app premium version

  • amazon gift card

  • starbucks gift card

  • their fav coffee shop gift card

  • target/bigw/kmart gift card

  • fast-food gift card

  • money for getting nails done


I hope you enjoyed this post and are now bursting with ideas on what you want to gift to your friends and family! Contact me here for any queries and comments.

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