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Must have Ipad apps

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Hey! This post is full of the best apps to get on your iPad that can boost your productivity or entertain and relax you.

1. Procreate : $14.99

Procreate is definitely the best app on my entire Ipad. Although procreate has a cost to it I would 100% recommend it, to be honest, I think that procreate is a huge bargain and for the amount of flexibility, you get between brushes, colours and canvases and almost every detail of your artworks it is the most versatile creative app. I use procreate almost every day and everything I say I have hand-drawn, I have drawn on procreate using my iPad.

2. Good Notes : $12.99

Good Notes is technically a note-taking app that allows you to digitally write your school notes but if you don't usually take digital notes, Good Notes is also an amazing filing app (from my experience) that makes it really easy to import documents and store them all in one place as well as edit them.

3. Google Calendar : Free

Google Calendar seems like a really simple one but I really enjoy the visual interface of the app version. It has many different options to customise the calendars according to yourself. You can also add many accounts at once so you can view your school/work calendar alongside your personal calendar. When you have a lot of work to get done Google Calendar is the perfect way to plan it out and have fun making it pretty too!

4. Room Planner & House Design : Free

This app may not be very popular or heard of but I have a lot of fun playing around on it. As you may know, already I love to redecorate my room and play around with interior designing. Even if you are not into that I still think it is a really fun app that is VERY relaxing and entertaining. There are many apps that allow you to do this as well but what make this app stand out to me is their user-friendly workspace and the asset of being able to use furniture and accessories to your room that you can actually buy, as well as being able to check price and availability of the product.

Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you found some fun suggestions on what apps you want to download!

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Sage Stephens
Sage Stephens
03 oct. 2021

love it! 😀



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